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    „Who We are“

    The main goal and policy of the QUEEN OF THE WORLD pageant (directed by Mr.Erich Reindl) is to contribute to a better understanding of all nations by showing the beauty and variety of all ethnic groups and representatives of the participating countries.
    The presentation of all contestants in their traditional national costumes is always one of the highlights of the QUEEN OF THE WORLD pageant and illustrates to the audience how beautiful and colourful the different nations can be.

    At the same time our main concern is to portray the beauty and culturalism that can be found in the country where the pageant is taking place. During two weeks of touring with all contestants, we emphasize the tourism of the country through PR appointments, media coverage, appointments with politicans and appointments at local cultural events. In this way, we bring forth worldwide attention to the cultural diversity of the host country. 
    Unprecendented media coverage and press releases have proven that all former contestants transmitted their positive impressions and memorable experiences to
    their home country.   

    Chris Trageser